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Growing up, Nicholas tried everything possible to run from being an Intuitive Empath. He immersed himself in drugs and gangs in an attempt to avoid being present, until he eventually found himself in prison. It wasn't until his early thirties that Nicholas decided to stop running and to seek to better understand himself. Shortly after, a beautiful Awakening occured, and what followed was nothing short of magical. Nicholas began to see Spirits as well as Auras and realized he was able to communicate with these Spirits. He also realized that he was able to facilitate shifts in subtle energy to heal himself and others. Since his Awakening, Nicholas has followed his life's passion and dedicated himself to a life of helping others heal themselves. Nicholas is certified in many healing modalities including 2 lineages of Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Chakra Healing, Animal Chakra Healing and more. Along with his private clients, Nicholas currently works with a drug and alcohol detox center providing Subconcious Belief Code Clearing for the residents.

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